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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing

"The Doctor of Natural Healing"

  • Do you believe that it is possible to live without food for 2-3 weeks?!Cell Cleansing

  • Do you believe that is is possible, during the fast, to not suffer from hunger and feel tired, but the opposite-- have lots of energy, great mood and no hunger?!

Read! Get the answers to these controversial questions!

A correctly done fasting is the most powerful form of cleansing starting with digestive system and finishing up with cells.

Dr. Koyfman and his staff have many years of experience in guiding through different types of fasting

  1. Juice Fasting

  2. Water Fasting

  3. Water-Urine Fasting (read here)

  4. Dry Fasting

Choosing the type of the fast depends on individual problems, goals and preparation.

What benefits will you receive by going through the fast in our center?

Dr. Koyfman developed a unique system of preparation, entering, going through the fast and correct exiting from the fast (the most critical time).  This technique allows to not feel hunger, have headaches and dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations and allows to have a high level of energy to lead a regular lifestyle.

Therapeutic Effects of Fasting:

  • Helps to lose visible weight.

  • Cleanses the body on the cellular level.

  • Helps the body to heal itself.

  • Rejuvenates the body.

  • Supports, strengthens, improves the immune system.

  • Increases belief in one's own strength.

  • Cleanses on the emotional and psychological levels.

  • Improves digestion.

  • Improves metabolism.

  • Improves vision and hearing.

  • Improves the skin condition.

  • Activates the work of the colon.

  • Promotes active and healthy longevity.

Instructions and Recommendations for Safe Fasting

In order to make fasting easier and more efficient to achieve the desired goal, Dr. Koyfman recommends to fast after cleansing procedures, such as Small Intestine Cleansing, Whole Digestive System Cleansing, and Liver Cleansing.
However, those who already have some fasting experience or those who needs to start their fast immediately, Dr. Koyfman designed some effective programs which ease the entering and continuing the fasting.  He also developed a detailed program to safely break the fast, which enables to prolong and  strengthen the healing effects achieved during the fast.
(See the book "Eight Steps to Perfect health").

Cleansing Procedures During Fasting

Cleansing procedures performed in the fasting process are targeted to dissolve toxic elements on the cellular level and elimination of such through all main channels: colon, kidneys, skin and lungs. During the fast it is also necessary to cleanse stomach, which constantly receives toxic mucus from the lungs, bronchi, sinuses and all head and throat organs. Stomach cleansing improves digestion and also helps cleansing of all the organs mentioned above.

It is also important to do the small intestine cleansing, which improves the function of the Liver-- the main organ to disable toxins which get into the bloodstream during fasting. This cleansing also activates the function and cleansing of pancreas. Through the Small Intestine Cleansing, the major volume of bad bacteria, yeast and other parasites is being removed. Also, normalizes heart function, breathing, improves function of the reproductive organs, cleanse vessels, blood and lymph. This cleanse is even more effective when done in combination with the Far Infrared Sauna.

Cleansing of the Large Intestine opens the main eliminating channel and helps the cleansing of lungs, and strengthen the intestinal muscles.

Whole Digestive System Cleansing (a gentle cleansing of the stomach, small intestine and colon) improves digestion, provides nutrient absorption and normalizes bowl movements. In combination with fasting and Far Infrared Sauna, it provides elimination of burned up during the fast cellular toxins, old dead and sick cells, crystals of uric acid, toxic and infected mucus accumulated in cysts, tumors and organs. The combination of these cleanses, which are recommended every other day during fasting, create more energy making you feel light and able to perform regular daily routines and activities. There are no headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations all of which are normally present during other methods of fasting.

How do toxins dissolve and eliminate during fasting?

When we stop eating, we increase the quantity of liquid intake (the more water used during cleansing, the more effective it is). This liquid: water, juices, herbs and vegetable broths absorb through the walls of our digestive system into the blood and spread throughout the body. Increased flow of clean and bio-active fluid flushes and dissolves toxins, flushes out parasites and pushes it out to the kidneys, digestive system, lungs and skin. During the fast, all of these organs become overwhelmed eliminating dirt and parasites, and need help.

Liver also needs help because it has the main responsibility of toxin neutralization, which come to the surface during the fast. To help the liver it is necessary to apply a heating pad for 30-60 minutes on the liver area, please see my book "Eight Steps to Perfect Health". Kidneys can be helped with a special massage, heating and special exercises to increase their function and ability. With all the help kidneys release sand, toxic mucus, small parasites, uric acid and stones.

To increase elimination functions of the lungs, it is important to do special breathing exercises and heating for the lungs. So, lungs release toxic gas, which accumulates and gets stuck from the cleansing process.

To effectively cleanse and increase skin function we use Far Infrared Sauna. It is well known that it is easier to get the dirt off with hot water than cold. In FIR Sauna toxins dissolve and come out from the very deep levels: blood vessels, lymph, cells, etc. Heating of the blood and lymph doesn't only occur because of infrared rays, but also with the help of hot herbal tea, which absorbs and worms up the blood from the inside, and by breathing in hot air into the lungs (special breathing exercise done in the sauna). Hot air worms up lungs and dissolves toxins, mucus, kills parasites and also absorbs into the blood. Wormed up blood and lymph more effectively flush the base of illnesses, tumors and blockages, toxic mucus in the organs and cells  and releases it through the wide open pores of the skin. This way cleanses blood, blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, sinuses, thyroid gland, adrenals and other glands.

Digestive system plays the main role during fasting, because it burns and releases majority of toxins and parasites from the body. To increase the functioning of digestive system, we do a Whole Digestive System Cleansing (cleansing of stomach, small intestine and colon). Internal organ massage is also effective, because it activates function of the stomach, liver, pancreas, small and large intestines.

Different Types and Lengths of fasts provided in our center

Depending on your goals, health problems and experience, fasting in our center could be done from 5 days to one month or more. Without any fasting experience, juice-water fasting is optimal to begin with. Those who are overweight and excessive water retention, easily go through the water fasting. In serious health problems, brave people may choose to do the most effective water/urine fasting. In some severe cases, dry fasting (no water at all) may be recommended. Method and length of this fast is different from the ones listed above.

***    Learn how to support liver and help your body to dissolve cellular toxins, as well as other important recommendations for the fast in Dr. Koyfman's book "Eight Steps To Perfect Health".

* If you are from another state or country please follow this link for
accommodation instructions.

7 Day Cleansing/ Fasting Program


  1.    Complete Cleansing of the Small Intestine                          $175
    --completely cleanses the digestive system, eliminates food craving completely and provides quick transition of the system from external to the internal nourishment.

  2. Detailed instructions of correct fasting in the book "Eight Steps to Perfect Health"                                                                          $15

  3. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                      $160

  4. ------------------

  5.  Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                     $160

  6. ------------------

  7. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                      $160

  8. Exit from the fast (see instructions in the book Eight Steps to Perfect Health)

Total:                                                                                                        $670
*** You may also ad other highly beneficial procedures such as, Whole Body Cleansing Massage ($80), Sinus Cleansing ($30), Lymph Drainage Massage ($40).

Two-week Fasting Program


  1. Enter the fast through the complete Lymphatic Cleansing         $200

  2. Lymph Cleansing (partial)                                                    $100

  3. -------------

  4. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  5. -------------

  6. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  7. -------------

  8. -------------

  9. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  10. -------------

  11. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  12. -------------

  13. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  14. -------------

  15. Exit from the fast (see instructions in the book Eight Steps to Perfect Health)

  16. Colon Cleansing + FIR                                                          $90

Total                                                                                                       $1,190

Three-week Fasting Program

Entering the Fast:


  1. Colon Cleansing + FIR    --Juice                                            $90

  2. Whole Digestive Cleansing --Apple Juice + Full Liver Cleansing     $200

  3. Small Intestine Cleansing                                                     $175

  4. ------------

  5. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  6. ------------

  7. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  8. ------------

  9. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  10. ------------

  11. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  12. ------------

  13. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  14. ------------

  15. ------------

  16. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  17. ------------

  18. ------------

  19. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160

  20. ------------

  21. ------------

  22. Whole Digestive System Cleansing + FIR Sauna                       $160
    Begin eating. Follow instructions in "Eight Steps to Perfect Health"               

  23. ------------

  24. ------------

  25. Colon Cleansing                                                                  $75 

Total:                                                                                                      $1,820

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How Do Cells Accumulate Waste?

The organs of the human body are made up of tissues, which in turn are made up of billions of individual cells. When we eat, these cells are fed by nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.) that come from the food we eat.

As nutrients are "burned," waste is created within cells that (too often) is not completely removed. As time passes and cells are replaced, the waste products are left behind within the tissues of that organ. These toxic wastes poison the cells, weakening them and making them susceptible to illness and disease.

The question is how gently to coax the body, on a cellular level, to release these wastes and thereby strengthen the immune system. The answer lies in proper fasting, preferably under the supervision of a trained professional who can maximize the health benefits of the fast through centuries-proven techniques.

Overeating and clogging of the system

Our nutrition is based on protein, fats and carbohydrates.
Here is what they supposed to do: Protein-rebuilds new cells, to replace old/dead cells; Fats-build fatty cells; Carbs supply energy.

So what happens when you eat too much of these products (especially if these products are not good quality. For example meat of animals grown on artificial foods, hormones and antibiotics; animal, hard-to-dissolve fats; and carbohydrates derived from white, refined, flour with artificial additives, etc.)???

1.  Protein is a "construction material". It is mostly needed for kids during intense growth period. A grown person, regardless of how much protein they eat, won't grow more, so the extra goes towards development of fecal and kidney stones, uric acid, blood impurity and overwhelming of digestive organs.

2.  Over intake of fats leads to excess weight, overburden for the heart and all vital organs. Extra fatty cells accumulate huge amount of toxic elements.

3.   Excess carb intake, especially simple carbs, products mostly use in modern society, leads accumulation of big amounts of mucus. This mucus is ideal environment for infections, bacteria, viruses and other parasites. But think about it, parasites and bacteria is always inside of the body, so they eat inside and guess what, they release it too. So the food that they eat, comes toxic out of them back into the human body. So toxic mucus is bacteria's fecal matter. It is a thick, glue like substance, which glues onto the walls of digestive system, blood vessels and organs.

 Depending on where mucus is mainly accumulated, different problems occur:  Sinuses, throat, bronchi, lungs, digestive system, clogging of vessels, cells, etc. Toxic mucus is the base for all illnesses-- from
cold to cancer.

Solving the Problem

When we stop eating, the body turns its attention to "cleaning house" by feeding itself on sick, weak, and old cells first.
It also begins to dump any unhealthy materials such as toxic mucous, tumor and cancer cells, salts, cholesterol, stored drugs, nicotine, and other stagnated matter which is stored in the tissues and organs. The body also disposes of the unseen toxic weight stored inside.

All cleansings, except fasting, cleanse only the internal surface of the organ. Under that surface, the tissues are still dirty and clogged with toxic wastes. Only fasting can reach beneath the surface of the tissues and cleanse down to the cellular level.

Fasting, by itself, is not enough to truly cleanse the billions of cells of the body. The Center maximizes the natural flushing action of the body during fasting with such techniques as a full body "healing massage," a cleansing sauna, and freshly made natural juices used in correct sequence and amount. During this time, the body is flushed with lots of clean water, while also given strategic, limited nourishment in the form of biologically active juices and organic herbal teas.

When these elements are synchronized under the trained eye of professionals with decades of experience, the body fully activates the flushing of fluids down to the cellular level. Once this process has begun during the fast, the body begins to "eat" its own diseases, harmful bacteria and parasites that bring on bad health. Fasting helps the body to dispose of toxic matter by supporting and cleansing all eliminating organs. The Center, in turn, supports the eliminating organs such as the skin (through Cleansing Sauna), the colon (through Colon Cleansing), and the other internal organs (through Cleansing Massage).

Does This Process Slow Down Aging?

On the cellular level, youth and aging are determined by the relative amount of old and young cells. In youth, the number of young, healthy, and strong cells predominates over the number of old, weak, and sick cells. With time, the cells become polluted and old, and the renewing ability of the body decreases.

During fasting, by switching from outer to inner nourishment, the body "eats" old and sick cells, and the body's ability to exchange old cells for new cells increases and speeds up. Metabolism improves. During the breaking of the fast (the renewal period), the body replaces the "eaten" cells for new, healthy, young cells.

At the Center, the renewal period is accompanied by healthy, specialized eating and special exercises. The person who does seasonal fasting regularly, without waiting for disease to come, looks so much younger than his or her age. This person is full of energy and has high resistance to disease.

What is the Nourishing and Rejuvenative Fasting?

We suggest the easiest and least stressful kind of fasting. During this kind of fasting, you will receive a detailed program, which allows you to drink clean water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable broth, and also to chew some vegetables without swallowing them.

During Fasting, Will a Person Have Enough Energy to Continue Working?

The Nourishing and Rejuvenative Fast puts the body on a high energy level. During the fasting, energy channels open up and become unclogged. Because of this, fasting promotes the body's reception of cosmic, earth, air, and sun energy. Energy is released and received from the "chewing" of the water, and the fruit and vegetable juices, as well as from the chewing only of some vegetables. Therefore, the energy level of a fasting person is not lower than the energy level of the person who eats. Sometimes it is even higher.

Some of the problems that proper cell cleansing can help are:

Chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, colds, skin problems, enlarged prostate, sexual disorders, digestive problems, weak immune system, insomnia, liver problems, fibroids, and tumors.

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