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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
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* Constipation  * gas  * bloating  * yeast infection  * tiredness 

* skin problems  * parasites  * bad breath  * asthma

* abdominal pain  * depression  * allergies  

* chronic fatigue ...

Welcome to the only center in USA where you can safely cleanse your Small Intestine (one of the vital organs, which provides your body with nutrients), the most natural way.                                       
Your intestines can be cleaned
Emotions in the small intestine completely in just 3 hours!

  • By having Colon Cleansing, you cleanse only your Colon.

  • By cleansing your Small Intestine, you completely cleanse
    your Whole Digestive System
    - Stomach, Small Intestine and Colon.

  • Complete cleansing of the digestive system from toxicity, will remove the source, which poisons your blood, organs and cells.

  • Complete cleansing of the digestive system will remove the source of your Diseases!

                      NO DISCOMFORT!

--   In any modern person, the walls of your Small Intestine are covered with toxic mucus and stagnant bile, you get nutrient deficiency.

--   This leads to poor digestion and absorption in the small intestine, which fill's up with gas, yeast and parasites. So, you experience bloating, abdominal discomfort or even pain.

--   And if you have stress in your life, your small intestine slows down the food traffic and creates toxins which poison your system, make you constipated, tired and fatigued.

--   You can clean your small intestine; rejuvenate it and make it healthy again!

A healthy small intestine is a unique organ, operating on the principle of the cold nuclear reactor.  It means that it takes the existing food components and creates necessary nutrients for the body.

Benefits and Therapeutic Effects:

  • Cleanse from Heavy Metals

  • Improved digestion and Nutrient absorption                            

  • Loss of toxic waste and weight (10-50 lbs. and more)

  • Improved Thyroid function

  • Stronger immune system

  • Clean the bloodstream

  • Gives super energy and much more


During one procedure of cleansing your Small Intestine, you will also cleanse stomach and colon.
What happens when you cleanse the stomach? You remove toxic mucus from the stomach walls and old stagnant bile from the bottom of the stomach. You also improve digestion by cleansing digestive glands.

By cleansing your Small Intestine, you cleanse the walls of small intestine from the toxic mucus, which accumulates from the access use of pasteurized dairy products, sweets and processed foods. This mucus mixes with the rest of undigested food, toxic bile, which accumulates from late meals, and overeating. Toxic layer on the walls of the small intestine clogs up the digestive glands and doesn't let nutrients to penetrate into the bloodstream. You may eat all the best foods, take the most expensive supplements, but your body would still suffer from nutrient deficiency.

So if you don't get the nutrients from your small intestine, who does?! That's right! Parasites, yeast, unfriendly bacteria and warms! Unfortunately, this is who completely gets all your nutrients and energy. Now you know why you feel lack of energy, fatigue, gas and discomfort in the digestive system.

Did you know that 70-90% of your parasites live and breed in your small intestine? Since this is where all the nutrients are, they don't have to be found, chewed and digested--they are all ready for the use of unwanted guests.

So, by cleansing your small intestine, you evict all the "guests" and improve the nutrient absorption. After the complete cleansing of the small intestine, digestive glands free up from dirt and rejuvenate. Eventually your blood will get all necessary nutrients; you'll get back your energy; your immune system will become stronger and begin the healing process to heal the damages earned from unhealthy lifestyle, toxicity and parasites.

When you cleanse your large intestine (colon), also in the process of the small intestine cleansing procedure, you eliminate fecal stones (result of the wrong food combining), toxic mucus and bile, parasites, mucoid plaque (rubber-like strings), which are a result of pathologies growing on the soil of toxic waste. It is something like a poisonous garden which grows poisonous intestinal "plants" and thriving parasites. The content of the large intestine-- is the biggest blood poisoning source, which also poisons the liver and other vital organs. Complete cleansing of the large intestine is possible only when it is done through the entire cleansing of the digestive system. This will restore it's normal function (the natural complete elimination after each meal), also improve functions of lungs and skin, increase energy and much more.

Effects gotten from the small intestine cleansing (your entire digestive system), can't be compared to the cleansing of only large intestine. As you can now see, in order to restore normal function of your digestive system--digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination of wastes from the body, it is not enough to only cleanse its lower part. It is necessary to cleanse it completely. Only then all it's functions will be fully restored. Most importantly, your health and energy will rise to the highest point!

Health of your Small Intestine and Stress:

Although children may refer to this area of the body as the "tummy," in the East it is referred to as the "abdominal brain." This is because this intriguing organ not only digests food, but it also "digests" emotions as well.

The many different negative emotions that are part of the human experience are recorded on the muscles of the small intestine and cause tensions. These tensions, both physical and emotional, cause blockages, interfere with digestion, cause fermentation of digesting food, and create malodorous gasses.

For example, anger tightens the right part of the small intestine near the liver. Nervousness affects the upper left part of the small intestine under the spleen. Impatience and anxiety affect the middle upper portion of the small intestine, while sadness attacks both sides of the lower parts. Fear, as may be expected, reaches into the deep lower parts.

Some information from the Anatomy text book:

The small intestine is that part of the digestive tract between the stomach and the large intestine. It is one of the largest organs in the human body, and in adults can be as long as 30 feet. Together with the colon, it makes up the abdominal cavity. The small intestine takes over where the stomach left off, further digesting the food eaten. Bile is mixed with the partially digested food to increase the effect of pancreatic juices that break down fats.

What other problems can develop in the small intestine?

On a physical level alone, the small intestine is vulnerable to another concern, and that is the long-term accumulation of wastes that build up due to incomplete digestion. These wastes line the small intestine and form a toxic layer that releases toxic chemicals into the bloodstream as this layer decays over time. These slowly acquired wastes also form an optimal (anaerobic) environment for parasites to grow.

Pressure on the veins interferes with circulation and can lead to varicose veins and hemorrhoids. In women, it can lead to menstrual disorders. The extra weight of the unhealthy small intestine can even begin to pull on the spine, causing various back problems. This in turn can affect the diaphragm and cause imperceptible breathing difficulties. An unhealthy small intestine increases the production of mucous in the lungs making sinus conditions more troublesome. Even the lymphatic system is impacted by an unclean small intestine.

Combine a physically unclean small intestine with long-term stored negative emotions and one sets the stage for bad health. This is why it is so very important to have a healthy small intestine.

The best way to achieve this is to practice a proper diet combined with cleansing this important organ of wastes that have accumulated over a lifetime. At the Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing we have a natural, gentle method of cleansing the small intestine.

Based on centuries-proven techniques, the Center can help the body discharge this unwanted waste so that digestion will be improved, and so that the body will not have to spend precious energy fighting the toxins that come from this waste. Overall health will be improved by a strengthened immune system. This will help with the release of the negative emotions that are also stored in this vital organ.

Dr. Kelley’s One Answer to Cancer

       Certain foods, such as pasteurized milk and many cooked foods, cause the mucus buildup on the wall of the small intestine (raw foods do not cause this mucus buildup).  The mucus coats the villi on the wall of the small intestine.  The villi are like tiny fingers that stick out from the intestinal wall to absorb nutrients from the digested food, which is primarily liquid.  The mucus on the villi blocks the absorption of nutrients from the food.  Sometimes the mucus gets so thick and tough it is almost like a plastic film.  Almost no nutrition can get through to the body.  A person with a severe mucus buildup could take $1,000.00 worth of supplements a month along with a good diet and still get almost no nutritional value from them.  He or she would be starving and therefore would want to eat more food including protein.  That would lead to more of the pancreatic enzymes being used to digest the protein even though it could not be properly absorbed.  When all the pancreatic enzymes are used up, there are none left in the blood to destroy cancer cells.


Some of the symptoms and disorders that proper small intestine cleansing can help with indigestion, excessive gas, bloating, parasites, constipation, negative emotions, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, sinus problems, pancreas disorders, diabetes.

Optional Program to completely Cleanse the

Small Intestine

Procedure Type # of visits Price

1 $75

   Whole Digestive Systems
2 $250

   Small Intestine Cleansing
5 $875

  Total Price

  Discount if paid in advance


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